Michel began in 1984 and gained experience in manufacturing furniture, doors, windows, theaters, and schools, which enabled him to discharge all related functions smoothly and efficiently, as well as a strong knowledge of various materials to be used for furniture.

He purchased a building to work for himself, and in 1994, he began working for himself, and in 1994, he established his industry through teamwork (Lebanese and Indians workers). He now works as an independent contractor.

As a company we aimed to improve our quality, and in March 2012, we completed an ISO in administration: "quality and social responsibility manager" course based on ISO 9001 and ISO 26000 international standards through the excellence in learning and leadership foundation (E.L.L.F.)

We are in charge of maintenance, and we are beginning to use a new product of painting with water paint for a better quality, better result, especially for workers, and finally for the environment.